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Before Celluderm Treatments
After Celluderm Treatments
  • My ten treatments with ‘Spiritual Sculpting’ with Celluderm Technology was a wonderful life changing experience for me and my body. I discovered how to enhance my lifestyle and balance my control of eating right, with the treatments, and watch my body ‘shrink’ and my skin re-shape. To feel and look attractive and healthy was amazing and to receive complements was ‘fabulous’ too… The results were incredible, I was a size 18/16, now a 12, weight loss 11 lbs. (depends on the individual and exercise) 3% body fat reduction, with a total loss of 24 inches!!! I continued another ten treatments and eliminated another 22 inches, now a size 10/8, total of 6% body fat and 8 lbs.  This treatment help to ‘jump start metabolism, my energy, flexibility, confidence, apperance and ‘new clothes’!!!!!  Thanks Spiritual Sculpting!!!!


  • I wanted to document my amazing results from celluderm therapy. I first hear Gail Hicks speak of celluderm during a get together with friends. She sounded so passionate about this therapy and what she said made sense. I was looking to improve my circulation, release toxins and loose inches. I began my sessions with Gail in February 2015 . She was so pleasant and professional from the very first visit. We did my measurements. what I was really excited about was getting my legs worked on. They felt heavy and my pants were getting tight in the thigh area but still fit in the waist. I felt like my energy was low and my legs just felt like they had so much extra weight. If I could find any relief I would be happy. About a week before my first visit I started incorporating more fruits and veggies healthy proteins and omega 3s into my diet. It was good prep work. I went for first appointment. Gail measured me. Explained the food regimen I needed to follow during my celluderm treatments and how I needed to support my body durning this time. Let me add it was very simple. It required some effort on my part but nothing extraordinary or tedious. She began the first treatment making sure it wasn’t uncomfortable to me. during my first treatment she noticed some scars and also so past surgery that had left me with odd shaped fat on the sides of my waist. She told me she could helps with those areas and she did. she worked on me for a total of 10 sessions. She did put extra time into my sessions. I would says results were not typical. Because of Gail’s passion for celluderm therapy and her hard work I lost more than 50 total body inches.  And let me repeat myself  in ten sessions! She increased the circulation in my legs. She firmed up my bottom which I think now looks amazing. She help decrease the size and appearance and redness of my scars. And the strange little fat deposits I had on the sides of my waist are gone. She smoothed the skin, firmed it and shaped it. If this isn’t enough to get you to visit her and try celluderm there are a few more things I want to share. I was in a 90 mile an hour impact head on collision six years ago. My left leg was crushed and became imbedded into the drivers side door. I was cut out from the car. Although thankfully I suffered no broken bones or internal injuries my leg was severely traumatized. I was hospitalized and couldn’t walk. I went to therapy and gained strength. Throughout the years since I had never regained the tone that I had in my leg. I want to tell you that celluderm has helped my leg. Gail worked on my left leg and actually evened it out so that the left leg gained more circulation and more evenly matched in inches the right leg. Before it was not toned and even had a hard lump that had formed over the years where the impact was and the blood pooled into a hematoma. That lump is at least 80% smaller than it was. The celluderm felt great on my legs. My skin is smoother and my cellulite is drastically diminished. I don’t look like lumpy cottage cheese anymore. The other thing I was amazed about was the decrease in my varicose veins. I had painful varicose veins on my outer thighs. One in particular really hurt. I actually had a referral to go and see a vascular surgeon to address this issue. It would have cost me time and money to have to see the surgeon. Now I don’t have to because the varicose veins have gotten smaller.
    The pain I felt is no longer there. It feels so much better. During the first five sessions I opted to also have celluderm done on my face. It felt so good. It was little a little mini facial massage. One day only two treatments into having my face done my daughter told me my face looked so good. She asked me what I was using on my face because it looked brighter and the skin looked really good. I told her I was using the same cleanser she was using and a moisturizer. I told her the only change i made was getting celluderm on my face. And again the treatment on the face feels so amazing. It was a wonderful experience working with Gail on improving my health. She is passionate about celluderm. She is passionate about improving peoples lives and health. She is professional and dedicated.  If you have the opportunity work with Gail. It is an amazing experience and you will notice results.
    LC. Boston area


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